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I’m not fascinated by people who smile all the time. What I find interesting is the way people look when they are lost in thought, when their face becomes angry or serious, when they bite their lip, the way they glance, the way they look down when they walk, when they are alone and smoking a cigarette, when they smirk, the way they half smile, the way they try and hold back tears, the way when their face says they want to say something but can’t, the way they look at someone they want or love… I love the way people look when they do these things. It’s… beautiful.
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Under Armour’s breathtaking new ad stars a completely different type of athlete

Misty Copeland is a prima ballerina. She’s also the face of Under Armour’s stunning new ad campaign.

Under Armour, which typically features commercials starring bulky football players and track stars, has pegged Copeland to be the face of its new “I Will What I Want” campaign, a play on the brand’s “I Will” tagline. It’s part of their big push into womenswear.

But it’s revolutionary for several reasons | Follow micdotcom 

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